Long Term Care


Stoll’s Pharmacy provides services to convalescent homes, group homes and assisted living facilities. We have a pharmacist on call after hours to handle any emergency medical needs that can’t wait another day. We provide solutions that can help your staff improve safety & efficiency, save you money, and ensure your residents' medication needs are met.

Stoll’s Pharmacy offers several different medicine packaging options including blister-packaging, a requirement in many assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Medication can be packaged into a monthly card. For patients who take several medications at multiple times throughout the day, we have additional options such as Medicine-on Time providing a card for each time of day that you take medication. If you take medicine twice daily, you would have two packs per month. One pack would contain all your morning medications. The other pack would contain your evening medications.

Our Services Include:

Customized pharmacy compliance packaging and labeling

Blister packaging

Medicine on Time

On-site immunizations and vaccinations for adults 18+

Medication administration records, custom physician order’s, treatment Kardex

Over the counter medications

Multi day cycle fills on maintenance medications

Charge account for residents, billed monthly

Delivery service

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